Emergency Kits 2

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100ft 550 7-Strand Polyester Paracord
100FT 550 7 Strand Polyester Paracord is a universal piece of equipment that can help you make a shelter. catch food and even help you with first aid.
Emergency Kit-Recommended
The Recommended Emergency Kit goes above and beyond the Standard Kit to give a great start to your emergency preparedness.
Emergency Kit-Starter Pack
Here's a great way to start preparing for emergencies.
Classroom Teacher Kit
The Classroom Teacher Kit has the basic supplies a teacher needs to handle an emergency and take care of students.
Prep And Save Fire Starter Kit
The Prep And Save Fire Starter Kit is a perfect addition to anyone's camping, hiking or emergency supply kit.
Lansky Blade Medic Sharpener
Lansky Blade Medic Sharpener is the perfect knife sharpener that allows you to sharpen any type of knife even your serrated edges.
Surgical IFAK by Prep And Save (Individual First Aid Kit) MINI Hospital O.R. Kit
The Surgical IFAK gives a person more advanced medical supplies to help take care of minor surgery out in the field when medical attention is to far away.
Canteen Kit
The Canteen Kit is the perfect item to add to your hunting ,camping or survival kits.

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