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The answer is using WaterBricks. Our WaterBricks are a heavy duty, portable, multipurpose container used for water and food. They are made of recycled High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), which is a non-toxic high grade of food quality safe plastic. This helps keep your food and water away from contaminants. They are not only perfect for storing water, but also great for storing food. Some of our current customers have even bought our waterbricks to store rice, beans, grain, sugar and pet food. Our WaterBricks are definitely great to have in case of an emergency. If you are worried about their size, let me tell you that they can be easily be broken down to fit and stored in closets, basements, under beds, car trunks, or in the back of truck. WaterBricks work both as storage and container. They take up less floor space than other products, as they stack efficiently as a cube. They can even be stored individually. Do not forget that it is inevitable that a natural or man made disaster will soon happen. So get prepared for the unexpected, for you may never know when it might strike.


In 2005, two hurricanes hit our Louisiana coast. We were caught off guard, we were devastated. Everything we have ever worked for: our cars, homes, communities, and lives were destroyed. Food and water were scarce. There was panic in the streets and everyone seemed to have an every man was for himself attitude. There were riots in the streets. Starving people broke into closed and abandoned shops for food and water. It truly became obvious that people in need do desperate things. There were a lot of residents who were left stranded with not enough food or water. Scarcity was Louisiana’s condition. Luckily, I came across a fine gentleman who was kind of enough to share with me both food and water he had stored away for emergency cases like these. Since then on, I have safeguarded myself and my family with ample of food and water stored in waterbricks, so when our country is faced with a massive earthquake, tsunami or nuclear crisis, my family can be prepared until the rescue team arrives.