The Emergency Winter Car Kit has the basic supplies to help you through an emergency situation if you are stuck in your car.

Winter Emergency Car Kit Contents:

Emergency Drinking Water 6pk

1200 Calorie Emergency Food Ration Bar

Emergency Candles 5pk

Waterproof Matches

Emergency Mylar Blanket

In the event you get stuck in your car in a snow storm or cooler weather conditions this kit has the supplies to help you keep warm and safe from exposure.  The emergency blanket will help reflect 90% of your body heat back towards you. You also want to light the candle to warm up the inside of the vehicle. I knw this sounds strange but it works. When I was in the military I got to sleep in a snow cave and the candle helped keep the shelter warm. Its not going to feel like a sauna but it will take of the edge off. I would heat the bottom of the candle and push it down on your dash board creating a large base helping it not to tip over causing harm.

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