WaterBrick Spigot


The WaterBirck Spigot is a valuable tool for anyone with WaterBricks.

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Emergency Prepper Supplies like the WaterBirck Spigot are valuable tools for anyone with WaterBricks. Using the water spigot could not be easier. You simply screw on this handy device and twist the lever to let out a continuous stream of fresh water. After you are finished you, twist it the other way when to stop the flow of water. It is not impossible to get water out of WaterBricks without this handy add-on, but it s much easier if you have a WaterBrick Spigot. Not only is the spigot reusable, it is also very portable.

A few places emergency prepper supplies such as the water brick spigot may come in handy:




<li>Survival Bunker</li>


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