The Dynarex Tourniquet is a flexible band designed to help constrict blood flow during routine blood draws or when needed in emergency situations. This premium Tourniquet is crafted from smooth, tear-resistant elastic for optimal patient comfort and improved durability. The convenient Tourniquet is individually rolled and banded for easy kit-packing. The Dynarex Tourniquet is ideal for hospitals, medical facilities, and emergency rooms.
  • Designed to regulate blood flow during blood draws or in emergencies
  • Features strong, tear-resistant elastic for optimal durability and reliability
  • Crafted with smooth materials for enhanced patient comfort
  • Measures 1” × 18” to easily accommodate adults and children
  • Conveniently rolled and banded for easy kit-packing and quick portability
  • Disposable, not made with natural rubber latex or DEHP
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