Wilderness First Aid


The Wilderness First Aid guide is a common sense, self-help guide on medical treatment, designed for when you are in the wilderness.

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Learn wilderness emergency care principles with our his shtf preparedness prepper content. You will learn as it is taught at the premiere school of wilderness self reliance. Students within the Pathfinder Wilderness First Aid course do not rely on conventional devices for first aid. Instead you will learn to utilize your ten piece survival kit and what nature has to offer. This way you learn how to best treat yourself and your patients in a potential wilderness emergency.

A few common injuries you will learn to treat:

  • Broken Bone
  • Sprained Joint
  • Head Injury

This shtf preparedness prepper content provides instant, up-to-date information on how to handle common injuries and illnesses. Sometimes medical care can be hours or even days away. This guide is full of easy to follow directions for the most appropriate types of care.


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