Field Surgical IFAK by Prep And Save (Individual First Aid Kit) MINI Hospital O.R. Kit 73 pieces


The Surgical IFAK gives a person more advanced medical supplies to help take care of minor surgery out in the field when medical attention is to far away.

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Our Field Surgical IFAK was mainly developed to give a person the extra supplies that they wanted for their first aid kit to handle the more severe injuries. This kit gives you the supplies to help you take care of minor surgical procedures like suturing minor laceration. NOTE: Please seek out professional medical care if any injuries do occur this kit is only for use if you are too far away to get immediate medical attention. Our Field Surgical IFAK can save your life.

Field Surgical IFAK Contents:

Straight Hemostats 1

Needle Driver 1

Curved Hemostats 1
Pair Scissors 1
Pair of Tweezers 1
Disposable Scalpels #10 and #11 (May Vary)
Alcohol Prep Pads 10
Iodine Prep Pads 10
BZK 10
Pen Light 1
Suture #3 Nylon 4
Suture #5 Nylon 6
2×2 5
4×4 5
3″ Clean Wrap 2
Skin Stapler 1
Skin Staple remover 1
Suture Removal 1
1 Tape 1
Trauma Shears 1
Gloves 5pr 5
IFAK Pouch 1
Items May Vary

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