500-Watt Solar Power Package


Features a Bluetti 500-Watt Generator with a 100-Watt Rockpals Solar Panel

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Prepper emergency power sources such as our Bluetti 500-Watt Generator with a 100-Watt Rockpals Solar Panel are perfect for any bug out shelter.

50S Power Station Description:

500WH/300 Watt (Peak 450Watt)
Smaller, Lighter Design
Regulated 12V DC Output
Charge 11 Devices simultaneously
AC/Solar/Car/Generator Recharge

HP100 100 Watt Rockpals Solar Panel Description:

High Conversion Efficiency
4 Times Faster Charging
Portable & Foldable with Kickstand
Water Resistant & Durable

Product Overview

Due to its size and lightweight features, this power station gives you the portable power you need to take your kids to the park, beach, or camping and you can still get your work done.

You can fully charge the station by plugging it into the wall before you need it so you don’t have to wait to charge it with your solar panels. This unit also can be charged while in use. So if you’re in the market for portable solar charging stations, make sure the one you’re looking at has this ability. Unlike this unit, some products on the market cannot be used while recharging, so you wouldn’t be able to plug in your appliances and everything would shut down until the power bank builds back up. Avoid those problems with this package.

The solar panel can recharge the unit in about 6 to 8 hrs or so, depending on the weather conditions. That’s why it’s best to fully charge your unit before you need it, and while you’re using it plug in your solar panel to keep the supply of energy recharging your battery. This will help ensure you never run out of power.

Please note: If you draw too much energy from your unit, the battery will die and it will take time to recharge, so practice with it using the appliances you tend to use. This way, you will have a mental note on what you can do with it and how long you can use your new power supply.

From the manufacturer: With over 10 years of experience in the energy storage industry, years of hard work and the accumulation of customers, BLUETTI products are now loved by over 500,000 users worldwide. And BLUETTI will keep bringing more high-performance clean energy,professional, stable and reliable power storage products to the world.

This class-leading power station brings you the power to run your entire party, family camping trip, cabin workshops, or even your whole house for a day or two in the event of an unexpected outage. Up to 15 outlet sources allow you to power anything from laptops and air conditioners to your electric vehicles without breaking a sweat.

Safe and Smart

The advanced Battery Management System and LiFePO4 chemistry bring the EP500 incredible safety and durability. With the built-in dual-core microcomputer and Internet connection, the EP500’s firmware can be upgraded through your internet connection. There is no best, only better!

Seamless UPS Backup

The EP500 will automatically become your home energy source for essential loads when the electrical grid goes down. Unlike gasoline generators, BLUETTI EP500 keeps your lights on and laptops charged without upkeep, fuel, carbon monoxide or annoying noise. Pair with up to 1200W MPPT solar input to rapidly recharge or to keep your appliances running without depleting the onboard battery. Remember when you had to worry about a power outage? Worry no longer, Meet BLUETTI EP500.

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