The Outdoor Survival Kit is a heavy duty EDC survival kit. You can use this kit to make an emergency shelter, start a fire and stay safe while help are looking for you. This kit is perfect for the hunter, hiker or just for the person who likes to be outside. I know when people want to adventure outside, they like to be aware on how much weight they’re caring so this kit gives you all your basic needs to help you if you need to set up some where and stay safe.

Outdoor Survival Kit contains:

Pocket Knife X 1

3 in 1 Flint X 1

Multi Tool Credit Card (11 in 1 functions) X 1

550 Para cord 10′ X1

Emergency Mylar Blanket X1

Can Opener (P38) X1

Carabineer (Not for climbing) X1

Flashlight (Batteries Not included) X1

Water Resistant Container X1


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