Katadyn Vario Micro Filter


The Katadyn Vario Micro Filter is a great portable water filtration system that allows you to collect the safe drinking water you need from almost any water source.

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Emergency Prepper Vario Micro Filter is light weight so it can be carried while hiking, so you will never be out of safe water to drink.

How it works: Place the receiving end of the hose into your questionable water source, ensuring it’s submerged, then pump the handle. Watch as clean, pure water filters into the drinking container attached to the device. You can filter up to 2 quarts of water per minute, and can filter up to 530 gallons of water.

This filter should be an essential component of your pack when you are out camping or hiking, and do not want to be burdened by carrying water with you.

This device is great for people with a backpack containing a water bladder, as it is hard to fill the bladder without a hose.

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