Firman T08071 Tri-Fuel Generator


Powerful and versatile, the Firman T08071 Tri-Fuel portable generator delivers quality power on demand. Best used for large RV’s, backup power, farm/ranch and work.


The FIRMAN T08071 Tri-Fuel generator is a 10,000-watt trifecta with the ability to run off of gasoline, propane, and natural gas with an electric starting system. Including a 5.5ft LPG hose for convenience using larger tanks, the T08071 is also California emissions certified. Its 8gal tank runs for 12hrs and at 72dB. Our Max Pro Series 439cc engine runs cool and efficient thanks to its Phoenix Fat Head Block. With a built-in 10” wheel kit and folding handle, the tri-fuel T08071 can go anywhere and perform however you like.

Everything you need is in the box including: oil, funnel, operator’s manual, and spark plug wrench.


  • Gross Weight – 239 lbs.
  • Unit Weight – 212 lbs.
  • Carton Measurements – 23.1″ x 22.2″ x 24.6″
  • 3-year warranty

In store pick up only. So go to your local PrepAndSave and see what they have in stock.

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