Restop 2 Disposable Travel Toilet


The Disposable Travel Toilet is a handy item to have in your car or with you while hiking when nature calls.

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Emergency Prepper waste management needs are often over looked in emergency situations. The Disposable Travel Toilet is a perfect compact toilet to help you take care of your needs while on the road. This toilet is a handy item to have for those long car trips when there is no bathroom in sight.

Contains twenty-four (24) Solid & Liquid Waste Bags with antimicrobial wipes and tissues. This product can be used for both URINE and SOLID WASTE.

The RS2 uses a patented triple layer barrier “bag within a bag” design to safely contain and neutralize human waste. The same polymers and enzymes used in the RS1 are inside. Ample toilet paper and a moist antimicrobial wipe are included.

This product uses waste activated gelling to breakdown waste within the waste bag.

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