Prep And Save Fire Starter Kit


The Prep And Save Fire Starter Kit is a perfect addition to anyone’s camping, hiking or emergency supply kit.


Emergency prepper fire starter kit

The Prep And Save Fire Starter Kit allows you to start a fire wherever you are. Stay warm, cook a meal, and survive with the ability to light a fire.

One of the most important aspects of human existence is the discovery and usage of fire. Likely, we wouldn’t have survived without it. You see the primordial instinct that most of us have when we congregate near a fireplace or campfire. The flames mesmerize us, and distresses us.
In a survival situation, or when camping out, fire is important for a variety of reasons. If you are lost in the woods, fire is necessary for warmth, boiling and purifying water, smudging insects away, and keeping bears honest. Also, search and rescue frequently employs “FLIR” infrared heat seeking equipment, and searchers up in a helicopter can detect a campfire easily, resulting in a successful search outcome.

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