Classroom Teacher Kit


The Classroom Teacher Kit has the basic supplies a teacher needs to handle an emergency and take care of students.

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Our Emergency Prepper Classroom Teacher Kit has the supplies a teacher needs to handle an emergency and take care of students. If you are looking for a solid classroom kit to handle most emergencies, this is it!

Evacuations call for great responsibility and leadership. If or when the time comes to keep students of all ages safe, an evacuation emergency kit designed for school classrooms is the solution. Teachers of all grades will benefit greatly from keeping this version of a school go-bag on hand.

Contents of our classroom/teacher emergency kit include all the supplies necessary for survival in dire circumstances. Packed in a lightweight backpack that’s easy to carry, convenient to hang anywhere in the classroom, this is an item you won’t regret having on hand. In addition to water and flashlights, there are items for communication and hygiene as well. Also included is a first-aid kit. Teachers will be fully equipped to handle injuries both major and minor until professional medical assistance arrives.

There’s no telling what the situation may call for. Equip your classroom with this kit and experience a peace of mind when it’s needed most. We offer our kit at an incredibly low price, where it may cost almost double or triple the amount to purchase these items on their own. Purchase today and be confident in the safety of your students.


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