30-Day WaterBrick Water Storage Package


The 30-Day Water Storage Package is a great way to store water or dry foods, like beans or flour, in a manner that preserves your supplies, and also allows for maximum space convenience.

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Emergency Prep Supplies Water Storage. Our 30-Day Water Storage Package comes with 10 WaterBricks, which gives you the ability to store up to 35 gallons of water. These WaterBricks are made of a food-grade plastic and they are BPA-free. Each brick comes with a handle, for ease of portability, and they are made so you can stack them in almost any shape. You can also use these bricks to store food, and know that your supplies are in the proper containers for long term preservation.

Recommended Amounts for Water Storage

How much water should I store for emergencies? Expert opinions differ on the recommended amount of water people should store. FEMA recommends at least one gallon per person per day for a normally active person. Additional amounts are required for nursing mothers, children, sick people, high levels of activity, and the amount doubles during hot weather. This number takes into account two quarts for drinking and two quarts for food preparation and hygiene.

Let us put this into perspective. In our area, the average use per person is about 167 gallons of water per day. Indoor usage averages 68 gallons per person per day. Reducing water consumption from 68 gallons down to 1 gallon a day requires a drastic change in lifestyle.

Our personal recommendation is at least two gallons per person per day. We found it almost impossible to live off of one gallon per day. Perhaps if your food supply is made up of canned goods, which require no additional water, if you are leading a sedentary life indoors, and if no one gets sick or injured you may be able to get by on one gallon a day. Remember that good hydration is critical for a healthy body.

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