Aluminized Plastic: Never be Caught in the Cold. The Aluminized Plastic Helps Retain and Reflect body heat to provide protection in all weather conditions

Durable and Long Lasting: Our Emergency Sleeping Bag is built to be durable and long-lasting for multiple purposes. This Sleeping bag can also be used in rain hield for camping gear, ground cover, and as a reflective warmer.

• Dimensions: 84” x 36”
• Compact & Lightweight
• Aluminized OPP Film
• Water and Wind Resistant
• Reusable
• Long Lasting
• Helps Retain Body Heat
• Can be Used to Cover the Ground
• Great for Camping, Hiking, Boating, Emergencies

I have used the emergency sleeping bag during a winter survival camp out. The sleeping bag by itself works but it is not comfortable to sleep in. While sleeping in the bag you will sweat and the sides stick to your skin. What I did to make it more comfortable is I slide my regular sleeping bag inside it and it held in the heat keeping me nice and toasty.

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