Our Emergency Water Packets are a must-have in any emergency. With a 5-year shelf life, they are guaranteed to provide clean, safe drinking water to one individual and are perfectly balanced to provide adequate hydration without overburdening the carrier, making them ideal for use during disaster scenarios that may require movement. Each packet contains 125ml of purified water and is packaged individually, which reduces the potential for loss and ensures easy storage.

Our Emergency Water Packets are Coast GuGuard-approved sanitary and safe, which makes them far superior to bottled water, which is subject to no federal standards. Additionally, various regulatory agencies, such as the Canadian Coast Guard, EC, and NZ, approve them, further demonstrating their high-quality standards.

These Emergency Water Packets come in rigid packaging that can withstand adverse weather conditions and shield water against inhospitable conditions. The packaging is made of superior materials that ensure optimum durability, making them an ideal addition to your survival kit.


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