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I was a US Navy Hospital Corpsman for twenty years. I was on active duty for 4 years and US Navy Reservist for 16 years. During my time in the Navy, I became an FMF Corpsman which allowed me to serve with the US. Marines. I truly believe everyone must have a real first aid kit in their home, vehicle, and work. The typical first aid kits you find in your local department stores are perfect to handle minor injuries but things happen and you might need more advanced medical supplies to help manage the more severe type of injuries that could arise.

The Complete Medical Kit I will talk about today I put together based on my military training and experience taking care of my fellow Sailors and Marines. Here is a list of the supplies in the

Complete Medical Kit Contents:

First Responder Bag

BP Cuff with Stethoscope            1

Pen light                                           1

First Aid Booklet                             1

Pair Exam Glove                            5

Abdominal Pads 5″ x 9”                5

Casualty Blanket                             2

Tongue Depressor                         2

Antiseptic Wipe                              10

1″ x 3″ Bandage                              100

Butterfly Strip                                 5

CPR Mask (Disposable)                 1

CPR Mask (Reusable)                    1

Trauma Dressing 10″X30″           3

Eye Wash                                          1

Triple Antibiotic pkg                      5

Burn Jel                                             5

Berman Oral Airway Kit                1

Knuckle Bandage                            10

Fingertip Bandage                          10

Ice Pack                                             2

Sensi Splint 36” with Wrap          1

6″ Elastic Bandage                         1

3″Elastic Bandage                          1

4″x 4″ Sterile Sponge                    5

1″ Tape Roll                                     2

BleedStop Bandage                       2

Eye Pad                                             5

Triangular Bandage                       2

EMT Shear                                        1

Slanted Tweezers                           1

Alcohol Pad                                    10

Iodine Pad                                     10

Roll Gauze 3″ Non-Sterile            2

N 95 Mask                                     2

Red Bag                                          2

Finger Splint                                  2

TELFA Pad                                      4

1/2″ Steri Strip                              2

Tincture of Benzoin                     4

Hand Sanitizer                              1

Backpack                                        1

  Complete IFAK

Alcohol Prep Pads                         10

Iodine Prep Pads                           10

Triple Antibiotic Ointment          10

NON Adherent Gauze Pad           4

4×4 Gauze Pad                               5

5×9 ABD Pad                                  1

Oral Airway Med/LG/XL               1ea

CPR Shield                                      1

CAT Tourniquet                             1

Bandage Shears                             1

3” ACE Wrap                                  1

3” Gauze Roll                                   1

Burn Jel                                             2

4” Israeli Dressing                         1

1” Medical Tape                            1

Emergency Blanket                       1

1”x3” Bandage                               10

Fingertip Bandage                          10

Knuckle Bandages                         10

Complete Surgical Kit

Straight hemostat                          2

Curved Hemostat                           1

Scissors                                             1

Tweezers                                          1

Pen Light                                           1

Scalpel Handle                                1

#11 Scalpel                                       2

Alcohol Prep Pads                          10

Iodine Prep Pads                            10

Antiseptic Wipes                            10

2×2 Gauze Pad                                4

4×4 gauze Pad                                 5

#2 Nylon Sutures                            4

#5 Nylon Sutures                            6

Suture Remover                             1

3” Gauze Roll                                   1

Skin Stapler                                      1

Skin Stapler Remover                    1

1” Medical Tape                             1

Bandage Shears                              1

Gloves Pair                                       5

IFAK Pouch                                       1

Contents May Vary.

May come in Black or Red. Call or email with color selection

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