Whether you believe an economic collapse is imminent, the power grid is doomed to fail or you preparing because you see how unsustainable this system really is we need to be prepared for anything. We can’t afford to get blindsided by something because we are looking in a different direction. Preparedness should be a mindset, not a fad. To become a seasoned prepper, we need to start from ground zero and work our way up, and we need to do it in a way that doesn’t put us in the poor house. Preparing is also very personalized; there is no one way to build your food storage and no one way to build your bug-out bag. All of our situations are different, and we need to plan accordingly. This is not your typical prepping book; you will not find a list of items you need during a disaster. You will find the information you need to build your supplies evenly over time, what to expect from others who are not prepared, form a plan based on your situation and do it in a way that helps you become more self-reliant.

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