Basic and Primitive Navigation


Basic and Primitive Navigation

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Education is a critical part of safety, and our SHTF Preparedness Prepper series will help you on the way.
A few of the things this guide covers:

  • basic compass
  • traveling by simple bearings
  • Simple techniques to navigate out of dangerous situations
  • navigation around obstacles
  • pacing beads
  • aiming off
  • dead reckoning

Not getting lost, or knowing how to get found if you do, is one of the most important lessons you can learn. Simple techniques to navigate out of dangerous situations are the focus of this handy waterproof reference guide, along with basic compass use and traveling by simple bearings. Contents also cover navigation skills around obstacles, pacing beads, aiming off, and dead reckoning. Our SHTF Preparedness Prepper series contains all the information you need for any emergency situation.

Developed by noted survival expert and woodsman Dave Canterbury, this is one of a 10-part series on survival skills. Made in the USA.

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