Having an Emergency prepper first aid suture could save your life! A 3-0 Nylon Suture (12 PK) is a good needle for medium sized wounds, large enough to need a big needle, but with more precision. For the medically trained, this is a good addition to your first aid kit and emergency supplies, to be able to answer the call in any emergency.
Summary of how to close a wound:

  • The vast majority of wounds should be left to heal naturally
  • Serious wounds in areas with activity or tension (such as an elbow or scalp) are more likely to need closure because the wound is more likely to split open during healing
  • Steri-strips and butterfly bandages are usually the best choice
  • Stapling is easy, if you have the right equipment
  • Stitching is difficult if you’ve never practiced, but it’s the best method for high-tension or serious wounds
  • Glue works, but it’s a last resort (especially if using over-the-counter superglue) that makes it hard to see and deal with infections

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