This is a product that everyone has been waiting for. A natural product that would enable us to take care of our stored water without chlorine. Biofilm defender uses the latest technology to keep copper and silver ions suspended for many years. Both Copper and Silver have anti-microbial properties and attack germs that typically infect our water supply, water storage containers, or water filter media that filter our water. A slimy film called bio-film often grows on surfaces that come in contact with water and tends to shelter and protect bacteria and other germs from being destroyed, even with chlorine. BioFilm Defender attacks this bio-film and exposes the germs to the copper and silver to be treated. This patented process enables water to be stored longer and with less concern about contamination than ever before. One 2 oz bottle of H2O ResQ treats up to 330 gallons of tap water (two WaterPrepared tanks).

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