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Medical Kits

In an emergency, hospitals may be shut down, or overflowing with victims, in any case, you should be prepared with premade medical kits.

Whenever an emergency strikes, you can be prepared with one of Prep And saves many premade medical kits. Whether it’s as easy as sticking a knuckle bandage or as important as applying a tourniquet, you can be prepared as a first responder, teacher, or just anyone needing to help others or yourself with a Medical kit.

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  • 37-Piece First Aid Kit

    37-Piece First Aid Kit
    This 37-Piece First Aid Kit provides the supplies to administer the most basic fi ...more
  • 54-Piece First Aid Kit

    54-Piece First Aid Kit
    This 54-Piece First Aid Kit is an ideal size for your family camping trips, your ...more
  • Building/Office First Aid Kit 1

    Building/Office First Aid Kit 1

    Regular Price: $135.95

    Special Price: $109.75

    Building/Office First Aid Kit 1 gives you the medical supplies you need to take c ...more
  • Flu Hygiene Kit-34 Piece

    Flu Hygiene Kit-34 Piece
    The 34-Piece Flu Hygiene Kit is a portable medical kit which allows you to minimi ...more
  • Hiker's First Aid Kit

    Hiker's First Aid Kit

    Regular Price: $11.95

    Special Price: $9.95

    The Hiker's First Aid Kit is perfect for the beginner hiker or even the most adve ...more
  • Isolation Kit

    Isolation Kit
    Protect medical personnel and rescue workers from sick patients with this isolati ...more

12 Item(s)

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