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Emergency Equipment

Emergency Equipment

Emergency equipment will allow you to help yourself and your neighbors during a emergency situation. Turn to Prep And Save for expert advice, low prices, fast shipping and great service. 855-PREPNSAVE (855) 773-7672.

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  • Storage Container on Wheels

    Yellow Storage Container on Wheels
    The Prep And Save Storage Container on Wheels is the perfect container to store a ...more
  • 10" Adjustable Wrench

    Adjustable Wrench
    Pragmatic, pristine, and powerful, this is the kind of wrench you want and need. ...more
  • 14" Pipe Wrench

    14 Inch Pipe Wrench
    This pipe wrench is the kind of tool for a man who knows what he's doing. Are you ...more
  • 8 Piece Screwdriver Set

    8 piece screw driver set
    Don't be stuck short or caught unprepared. Use this screwdriver set and have the ...more
  • A-Maze-ing Picture Hook

    A-Maze-ing Picture Hook
    The A-Maze-ing Picture Hook is the best way to hold your pictures can prevent dam ...more
  • Bolt Cutters 18"

    Bolt Cutters 18"
    Bolt Cutters 18" gives you the ability to get into secured places, even where peo ...more
  • Bolt Cutters 24"

    Bolt Cutters 24"
    Bolt Cutters 24" gives you a greater ability to get into places, especially helpf ...more
  • Bungees 3 Pack

    Bungees 3 Pack
    Bungees (3 Pack) allows you to attach gear to your pack or car it even can help y ...more
  • Claw Hammer

    Claw Hammer
    The same hammer your father used and his father before him will be the best hamme ...more
  • Fire Blanket 62"X80"

    Fire Blanket 62"X80"
    The Fire Blanket 62"X80" should be in everyone's home, business and school to hel ...more
  • Folding Pick and Shovel

    Folding Pick and Shovel
    The Folding Pick and Shovel can help with a rescue operation or your basic campi ...more
  • Hack Saw

    Hack Saw
    The Hack Saw allows you to cut through metal so you can get to people that might ...more
  • Hard Hat

    Hard Hat
    Durable, strong, and rigid, this will protect your head without all the unneeded ...more
  • Metal Whistle

    Metal Whistle
    The Metal Whistle is a simple device to have to signal for help or a basic signal ...more
  • Museum Putty (Quake Hold)

    Museum Putty (Quake Hold)
    Museum Putty is the best way to protect your items from falling and breaking duri ...more
  • Tarp 8'X10'

    8'X10" Tarp
    The 8'X10' Tarp can be used for almost anything from protecting your belongings f ...more
  • Thick Plastic Nylon Rope-1/4" X 100'

    Nylon Rope-1/4" X 100'-Plastic Real Thick Rope
    The Nylon Rope (1/4" X 100') is a plastic, really thick rope. It is so useful in ...more
  • Vice Grips

    Vice Grips
    Vice Grips can be used as a universal tool, from securing something into place to ...more
  • Waterproof Case

    Waterproof Case
    The Waterproof Container is the perfect container to protect your supplies from w ...more
  • Ziploc Bags

    Ziploc Bags
    The Ziploc Bags are a great way to keep your supplies, especially food, fresh and ...more

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