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Having a Survival Shelter is a necessity.

Did you know that one of the common things overlooked by busy families is the necessity of having a survival shelter? Such families spend most of their time and effort preparing for disasters with enough food and water, meaning that they neglect the most important thing in an emergency, which is a survival shelter. It is true that food and water are important elements to have, but studies show that human beings can survive around 40 days without eating food, three days with no water, but, potentially, only a couple hours with no shelter. So having said that, would you agree that taking the time to build a survival shelter is worth your time? You just simply never know when there will be a need to use your shelter. It is a wiser choice to build a survival shelter and not need it, than to need one and not have it available.

Will your survival shelter adequately protect you from the sun, wind, rain and snow during an emergency?

Put it to the Test! Take it with you during your next camping visit and evaluate it during such conditions and elements. See how well it works. Instead of sleeping in your tent and sleeping bag, sleep in your survival shelter. This will give you the opportunity to practice the skill of setting up your shelter while testing your tolerance during pressure. The climate of the environment plays a significant role on your shelter. It is said that a valuable outdoor survival skill is to know how to build a shelter. It is important for your survival to know the proper techniques to make a shelter that will allow for adequate sleep and rest while providing protection from the harsh elements. Many individuals can only survive a matter of several hours without adequate protection from severe weather conditions. Extreme heat and cold are very dangerous situations to face without the proper shelter and protection for your body. This is why it is a wise decision to practice setting up your shelter over and over again, since practice makes perfect. Remember, adequately preparing for an emergency can help you to survive in case of a serious situation. So practice this outdoor survival skill to master it, before you really need it.

Emergencies DO HAPPEN!

Imagine that a major tsunami struck your home town. Food and water is scarce, people are desperate, and they are panicking. Your underground survival shelter can be used as a panic room in the event of any home invasion. The underground shelters were first introduced during the cold war as a response to nuclear attack; however they are not exclusively limited to that one emergency. Underground survival shelters can be used for different emergencies. For example, in the middle of an earthquake the underground survival shelter can be used to avoid hazards from falling or shaking objects. Building your own underground survival shelter can be costly but not impossible