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Wildfires can happen in any place, at any time.

A malfunction by electric wires or a cigarette improperly disposed of can spark a widespread disaster, threatening lives and property. While it is best to immediately evacuate areas threatened by wildfire, sometimes it is not possible to leave until the police or fire department urges it.

Supplies quickly become scarce

In the event of a wildfire, supplies quickly become scarce as others try to build up a stock of food and water. It is also necessary to protect yourself and your family from smoke inhalation and the harsh environment. The intolerable environment during a wildfire makes leaving your home a risk, unless it is absolutely necessary to evacuate.

However, it is still vital to have enough food, water, and first aid supplies to ensure the survival of you and your loved ones. An emergency water supply will ensure the hydration of your family in a disaster like a wildfire where preservation of water is needed for the fire department to use in fighting flames. The possibility of power loss is present in a disaster, and you must have emergency food that does not require a stove, microwave, or refrigerator for its preparation or preservation. An emergency supply of food provides three meals and enough calories to sustain survival, variety, and a long shelf life to keep you and your loved ones prepared at any moment. In a wildfire, all emergency services are stretched thin to treat victims and fight against the fire. For this reason, you must be prepared with first aid kit and rescue kit. The first aid kit is necessary to care for your loved ones in the event of a medical emergency. The rescue kit can save lives, containing items for personal protection (like dust masks and eye goggles) and items to help clear debris and save others from disaster elements. In a wildfire, it is impossible to rely on emergency services and you must take your safety into your own hands.

You must be prepared with emergency gear on the go

If the fire department prompts you to leave your home, you must be prepared with emergency gear on the go. The vehicle-ready B.O.B. Khaki backpack is perfect to store and protect your emergency items in case of evacuation.

While a wildfire is always a present danger, many are not well prepared. With a ready supply of emergency food, water, and emergency items, you are always ready to keep you and your loved ones safe from the threat of a wildfire.