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It’s time to get the family together and come up with the emergency plan. It is important that everyone is on the same page and has the same plan. This will include where to you go and who to call if the zombie was on your doorstep, on your street, down the street, or anywhere in your city or state. What is the plan? This will also be useful in case of a flood, earthquake, or other emergency.

Go over and identify the types of emergencies that are possible in your area. Besides a zombie apocalypse, it is very likely that there are other disasters that are specific to the area that you live in. You would want to make sure that you are completely prepared for any disaster. This may include earthquakes, floods or tornadoes. The local Red Cross will be able to tell you what types of disasters to prepare for, if you are unsure.

Private meeting places are important.

Pick a meeting place for your family in case zombies invade your home… or in case your city evacuates because of an earthquake, flood or hurricane. A terrorist attack or war could also cause evacuation. Pick somewhere very close outside of your home for the sudden emergency and another location outside your neighborhood or city in case you cannot return home.
Identify your emergency contacts. It is important to make a list of emergency contacts like the police, fire department, and your local zombie response team. Who will be your out-of-state contact? It is good to have someone to call to find out if the Zombies are everywhere. Do you have a destination you can attempt to make? This is also wise to have so that you can call during an emergency to let the rest of your family know you are ok.

Do you have an evacuation route?

Plan your evacuation route. When zombies are hungry they won’t stop until they get what they want (i.e., your flesh and brains), which means you need to get out of town fast! You have to plan multiple ways of getting to where you would go. Having this plan will give you a chance to outrun and stay ahead of the flesh eaters. They have no rhyme or reason. They just want to eat you. Being prepared gives you a better chance. This is also helpful when natural disasters strike and you have to take shelter fast.