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Could you be without power for a week? a month?

Recently, due to events out of our control, (hurricane Katrina and hurricane Sandy) we have seen the effects of massive power outages and grid down events.

How these events affect our way of life is becoming more and more severe over time. Civilization, in the past has not had the power requirements that we demand today. Only in recent years has society become so accustomed to electrical power. Electrical power has allowed us to have a huge population increase on the planet. It has also allowed us to move away from basic tasks like starting a fire without having a stove or oven to use, knowing how to collect or find water or find food if the grocery store has none. If the electric power was to be interrupted for a period of time or suddenly stop for any reason… it would have a devastating effect on our population.

Below is a short list of problems experienced by people living in those hurricane areas affected by Katrina and Sandy. Imagine, if you can, how some of the following things would affect you and your community.

What if…

Computers, radios, televisions and phones stop functioning… modern communication ceases for the most part.
Banks close, money systems fail, no more ATM.
Gas stations stop functioning and most transportation ceases.
Food distribution systems cease.
Food is no longer available in stores.
No ability to cook with electric appliances.
No ability to refrigerate food for most people.
No running water; toilets, sinks, and showers do not operate from lack of municipal water pressure.
No safe drinking water without treatment.
No furnace heat.
No air conditioning cool.
Hospitals close (in the modern sense) and modern medical care ceases to exist.
Emergency response (Police, Fire, and Ambulance) will cease.
Social Chaos and desperate violence.

While we all believe “this will never happen where I live” or “something like that will never happen to us”, or maybe you believe “that is the worst case scenario, we are so much better prepared”. Thinking about being prepared is MUCH different that actually being prepared.

Don’t over think it!

Just start preparing. Keep it simple: food, water, warmth, cooking, first aid…